Drag'n'drop delay (was: [TxMt] textmate Digest, Vol 11, Issue 26)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Aug 22 03:11:12 UTC 2005

On 19/08/2005, at 7.16, minimal.design wrote:

>> Can you drag from e.g. Mail's compose window w/o problems, or do you
>> experience the same deselecting problem there?
> No - After a little comparison, I'd say Mail is more tolerant about  
> the ever so slight moves of the cursor coming from the use of the  
> Intuos tablet.  If I'm careful not to move at all in TextMate, it  
> works fine, but if I just work as usual, 1 out of 3 times, it will  
> deselect...  In Mail, it just works perfectly...

hmm... so it would seem that Mail has some threshold for clicking and  
moving, before it actually starts a selection (or drag for that matter)?

> I pulled out my old mouse from the box to compare and, as I  
> suspected, I don't have the same problem.  I guess that's enough to  
> confirm my suppositions.

Do you know if the tablet report fractional coordinates? That might  
be the difference, i.e. that TM is seeing movements of only a  
fraction of a pixel, which Mail ignores. I can try to truncate the  

> Although the problem might not effect a majority of the TextMate  
> users (how many people use tablets for everything on their  
> computer?), it is still a very fundamental part of the feature  
> set.  That's why I believe it deserves a little attention (read:  
> "slider" :)

Sorry to be blunt, but this idea strikes me as absurd ;)

a) you will be able to disable re-selection in b17 (see my other  
letter on the subject)
b) if Mail doesn't have the problem, clearly it's just a matter of  
replicating what Mail does, rather than let the user work it out by  
disabling features.

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