[TxMt] [ feature request ] dragging text selection - customizable hold time

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Aug 18 19:46:20 UTC 2005

On 18/08/2005, at 21.04, Chris Thomas wrote:

> Documented in Xcode "Expert Preferences" release note, strangely  
> enough:

Maybe because this only works for Xcode? At least I didn't see the  
changes here in Mail.

>> NSDragAndDropTextDelay
>> The delay (in milliseconds) during which Xcode performs a drag-and- 
>> drop operation, rather than a selection. Setting this default to a  
>> non-positive value will disable drag-and-drop editing.

Okay, I now read this setting -- there's no default value, I'm using  

Setting it <0 (e.g. -1) will disable the ability to drag a selection,  
meaning clicking the mouse inside a selection immediately deselects  
it and starts a new selection from that point (if the mouse is moved  
while the button is down) -- this is consistent with Xcode, though  
not what the OP wanted.

Setting it to 0 will immediately start a drag (what the OP wanted).  
Xcode actually do not seem to do this, but instead use the default  
delay (AFAICT). When having it set to 0, it also means that clicking  
inside the selection will always deselect, if the mouse is released w/ 
o being moved first (normally it doesn't deselect on mouse up when  
the drag pointer is shown).

Setting it >0 means changing the current delay of 150 milliseconds.

One could argue that with a setting of 0, it shouldn't show the drag  
pointer before the mouse is actually moved, but I'm saving something  
for the 2.0 upgrade! ;)

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