[TxMt] [ feature request ] dragging text selection - customizable hold time

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Thu Aug 18 19:04:23 UTC 2005

> I wasn't able to find this (when I implemented the delay), so I use  
> a hardcoded value. If anyone has info about how to obtain the  
> system-wide preference for this, I'd be happy to use it.

Documented in Xcode "Expert Preferences" release note, strangely enough:

> NSDragAndDropTextDelay
> The delay (in milliseconds) during which Xcode performs a drag-and- 
> drop operation, rather than a selection. Setting this default to a  
> non-positive value will disable drag-and-drop editing.

So, 10 second delay system-wide:
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDragAndDropTextDelay 10000

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