[TxMt] dragging text (driving me crazy!!)

Edmundo Ortega ed at westernfreight.com
Wed Aug 17 00:53:47 UTC 2005

I think you just need to click and hold for a moment, until the text  
cursor turns into a pointer cursor. Then you can drag.

On Aug 16, 2005, at 5:38 PM, minimal.design wrote:

> I decided to give TextMate a serious try and I'm writing a whole  
> xHTML/PHP/CSS image gallery thing with it.
> I own BBEdit but the program's clearly outdated in many ways...  I  
> spent a few hours customizing the color coding, snippets, etc...   
> I'm totally considering switching...  BUT...
> There's one thing that is  starting to get me pretty frustrated  
> after a while: when you click and drag selected text to move it in  
> your document you have to be super precise and select what I'm  
> guessing is the area between the selection highlight and the text  
> baseline.  Anything else will just deselect the already selected  
> text and restart the selection over...  yuk....
> Kinda of a deal breaker for me (probably 'cause I'm a sucky coder  
> and I keep on moving stuff around ;)
> Any chance of an update that would let you drag from any part of  
> the highlight selection?  I wouldn't even mind if it was an apple 
> +drag or whatever...
> my two cents... ;)
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