[TxMt] dragging text (driving me crazy!!)

minimal.design perso at minimaldesign.net
Wed Aug 17 00:38:07 UTC 2005

I decided to give TextMate a serious try and I'm writing a whole  
xHTML/PHP/CSS image gallery thing with it.

I own BBEdit but the program's clearly outdated in many ways...  I  
spent a few hours customizing the color coding, snippets, etc...  I'm  
totally considering switching...  BUT...

There's one thing that is  starting to get me pretty frustrated after  
a while: when you click and drag selected text to move it in your  
document you have to be super precise and select what I'm guessing is  
the area between the selection highlight and the text baseline.   
Anything else will just deselect the already selected text and  
restart the selection over...  yuk....

Kinda of a deal breaker for me (probably 'cause I'm a sucky coder and  
I keep on moving stuff around ;)

Any chance of an update that would let you drag from any part of the  
highlight selection?  I wouldn't even mind if it was an apple+drag or  

my two cents... ;)
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