[TxMt] creating new extension and icon

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Aug 15 14:54:53 UTC 2005

On 15/08/2005, at 10.24, José Campos wrote:

>     But when I create a new document with the "perso" extension, it
> comes with a blank icon (with upper right corner folded).

Try selecting the file and select Finder's Info to see what it says  
about the file (i.e. if it's “Plain text document”). If it's not,  
then Finder probably hasn't picked up on the new propertly list.

>     So, which step did I miss?

I still haven't pinned down the exact process to make Finder  
acknowledge a new info.plist -- rumors have it that you need to power  
down your machine, dance around it in circles while chanting.

One thing important though is that you run: “touch /Applications/ 
TextMate.app” in the shell (assuming TextMate is in /Applications) --  
this updates the date, so Finder knows it should re-cache the  
info.plist the next time you open the application (so after this, you  
should navigate to /Applications and double click TextMate (don't use  
the Dock shortcut)).

A more drastic measure (which I often do myself) is to clear the LS  
cache, this is done (from the shell) using (remove last argument if  
you do not have the developer tools installed):

LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r /System/Library/ 
CoreServices /Applications /Developer/Applications

In both cases you may need to logout/in or even restart for the  
changes to actually take effect.

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