[TxMt] creating new extension and icon

José Campos jose.campos+tm at galacsys.com
Mon Aug 15 08:24:40 UTC 2005


    Trying to link specific icons to a new extension "*.perso", 
        - I have created a set of icons I named "perso.icns" 
        - and put it in "Textmate/Contents/Resources"
        - then edit "Textmate/Contents/info.plist" and add : 

            <string>Plain text document</string>

    But when I create a new document with the "perso" extension, it
comes with a blank icon (with upper right corner folded). The set of
icons I've created seems to work well when I replace an existing set
(log.icns for instance) with this set.

    So, which step did I miss?

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