[TxMt] Retro ANSi DOS color theme

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 10:55:53 UTC 2005

I first got started in computers with a DOS pc. I was an artist for  
dial-up BBS boards before the internet was.
I know most people are into Mac chic, but I've always had a fondness  
for my oldschool CiA agent_42 days.
Check out http://www.sixteencolors.net/Artist/?Artist=agent_42 to see  
what the 'scene' was like back in 'the day'.
This theme is a first release. I can't code without a good basic  
theme, but I need to make it better, especially for other languages.
This theme has been tested with html, xhtml, XML (and friends), ASP,  
ASP.net, ruby on rails, javascript & CSS.
I'm not too thrilled with how it looks for javascript & CSS, but i  
don't code in those (with textMate) too often.
The theme rendering & code view does get a bit slowish with all the  
fancy stuff going on with transparency & background colors. If anyone  
can suggest ways to speed up the rendering that'd be swell.
I have Quarts 2D extreme turned on (using quartz debug & force  
quitting to keep changes) for faster text-rendering & better anti- 
aliasing. I'm using proFont 9px anti-aliased. The bold only shows up  
with anti-aliasing off though.

please check this out & share your reactions, good or bad. I know  
this is not for everyone, but I was just so psyched about the AWESOME  
theming & scope capabilities of textMate not to share.

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