[TxMt] Save files when focus is lost - to a temp file?

Oli macromates.com at boblet.net
Wed Aug 10 02:45:04 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I'm really liking TM - it's taking a while to get my non-programmer's  
head around, but I'm learning lots in the process.

I really like the "Save files when focus is lost" preference  
(Preferences > Advanced > Saving > Other), but if you haven't saved  
the file yet (still 'untitled') TextMate has a heart attack when  
swapping to another program. As an aside I really need to kill dock  
bouncing already. I think it'd be even better for the file (if not  
yet saved) to be automatically saved as a temp file, either in a  
similar way to using command-enter from other programs, or using the  
first few words of the file as filename in a TextMate folder in  
Documents. This temp file could then be automatically deleted when  
the user saves for the first time.

just a thought you probably had already. keep up the great work!

peace - oli

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