[TxMt] Text autocomletion, BBAutoComplete

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Tue Aug 9 07:55:39 UTC 2005

On 07-08-2005 23:38, Mats Persson wrote:
> However, this is an area where I have been hoping that we can all put 
> our brain cells together and devise a single uniformed storage format 
> and code solution that can be reused in any and all bundles/ languages,
> rather than each language group having their own version.  I did my
> PHPCC stuff in PHP, but is looking more at Ruby & YAML at  the moment. I
> don't really now, but the ideal would be a solution  done in a default
> OS X installed language (PHP/Ruby/Perl/Bash/ Python?) that is fast,
> lightweight and works with a simple to  understand and edit format. 
> Ideally something along the lines of the  SVN bundle in sophistication.

For Python it would work best if the script that generates the candidates
is written in Python, because of the easy introspection that is possibly
within Python. And in general (or at least for higher level programming
languages), I think it is easier to generate completion candidates using
a program written in that language itself.

What would be beneficial to everyone is a tool that takes a list of
candidates and presents these to the user, either one by one using esc or
as a popup menu, in which you can select something (or a combination of

And perhaps this tool could also be used to select the "standard"
candidates, i.e. do some smart grepping of the current file, all open
files using extra information such as the location of the cursor.
The language specific tools just would need to provide the language
specific matches that can't be found using the above grepping technique
(such as searching included packages/libraries).

Maybe the standard grepping tool should be the one currently in TM, I
don't know.


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