[TxMt] Text autocomletion, BBAutoComplete

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 21:38:47 UTC 2005

On 7 Aug 2005, at 21:30, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:
> On 07-08-2005 21:05, Jim Woolum wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to make BBAutoComplete (http://c-command.com/ 
>> bbautocomplete/ ) work with TextMate? (For broad
>> spectrum text autocompletion.)
> I haven't tried out this app, it might work with TextMate  
> eventually, but  it seems a bit odd to implement this with a  
> seperate (closed source)
> application. TextMate has almost everything needed in place to make  
> it a breeze to implement this kind of thing, using standard command- 
> line tools  or a simple script in your favourite language.

Exactly, I've never used BBAutoComplete, but TM already has  
completion support within it, albeit not exactly ideal in every  
aspect so far. However, it's very much in the planned stage of  
implementation and improvements. (My words, but I hope Allan would  
say the same ;-) )

I wrote a version of this for PHP  [ www.imediatec.co.uk/tm/phpcc/ ]  
and the main issues I had, and I guess you will have with creating  
your own CC stuff are very much collecting and structuring the  
completion code, and creating a fluid UI for that process.

However, this is an area where I have been hoping that we can all put  
our brain cells together and devise a single uniformed storage format  
and code solution that can be reused in any and all bundles/ 
languages, rather than each language group having their own version.  
I did my PHPCC stuff in PHP, but is looking more at Ruby & YAML at  
the moment. I don't really now, but the ideal would be a solution  
done in a default OS X installed language (PHP/Ruby/Perl/Bash/ 
Python?) that is fast, lightweight and works with a simple to  
understand and edit format.  Ideally something along the lines of the  
SVN bundle in sophistication.

> If I have some time I'd like to improve the script and do some  
> better candidate selection from the current document (it only works  
> on the
> current *saved* document now) and expand that to the documents that  
> are open or part of the project.

Soryou (on the IRC) wrote a php completions solution that scanned  
your current code for class/function declarations - even in included  
project files, so you might want to check that one out for ideas.  
Don't remember the URL at the moment.

Kind regards,


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