[TxMt] TM & Latex

Mark Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Tue Apr 12 21:09:47 UTC 2005

Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

>On 12-04-2005 20:49, Alain Matthes wrote:
>> I've no problem to get a pdf with preview, texniscope or Acrobat but if
>> i made a modification in the source, i need to close the old pdf to get
>> a new one. Is it possible to refresh the view ?
>Texniscope refreshes itself if you activate it again (just run latex
>again, not the latex and texniscope).
>I believe it is also possible to trigger this behavior with Applescript,

It is...

>but haven't had time to really work this into a command yet.

...nor have I. It might be worth asking Claus Gerhardt (he is on most of the TeX-related lists) if he was thinking about adding to his collection of Flashmode scripts:


to include TextMate as source editor.


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