[TxMt] Having a project ignore list

Jonathan Chaffer jchaffer at structureinteractive.com
Wed Apr 6 16:53:50 UTC 2005

On Apr 6, 2005, at 12:48 PM, Greg Militello wrote:

> I just recently switched my CVS client to MacCVSClient v1.9 (why? I 
> needed a native cocoa app that wasn't a complete piece of junk [it's 
> the only one I found that I liked, there could be others I would lie 
> as well])
> This new client creates folders (actually packages) named: 
> 'CVS.sandboxinfo' in every folder in my sandboxes.  While I don't mind 
> the package folders in my finder view, I would love a way to have the 
> project view in TextMate ignore them.  Is there a way to do this now?  
> Or is this a feature I would have to request?

TextMate -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Folder References

You can edit the regular expressions to indicate what file and folder 
names to exclude from the lists.

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