[TxMt] Having a project ignore list

Greg Militello junk at thinkof.net
Wed Apr 6 16:48:51 UTC 2005

I just recently switched my CVS client to MacCVSClient v1.9 (why? I 
needed a native cocoa app that wasn't a complete piece of junk [it's 
the only one I found that I liked, there could be others I would lie as 

This new client creates folders (actually packages) named: 
'CVS.sandboxinfo' in every folder in my sandboxes.  While I don't mind 
the package folders in my finder view, I would love a way to have the 
project view in TextMate ignore them.  Is there a way to do this now?  
Or is this a feature I would have to request?

Thanks a ton guys,

PS: if you have a native CVS tool (Preferably cocoa) you want to tell 
me about feel free to respond to this personally (electric mail me at: 
junk_at_thinkof-dot-net).  I doubt everyone on the list wants to hear 
about the CVS tool of the day (but I am open to suggestions).

PSS: Allan, I got some headway on the xslt checker, though not exactly 
what I wanted.  xmllint still seems to be my best open, and just 
verifying XML compliance.  The DTD's required to check XSLT don't 
appear to be written... soooo  I guess simple check are better than 

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