fullscreen (wasRE: [TxMt] Replace the drawer)

David Lee david at davelee.com.au
Wed Apr 6 13:21:09 UTC 2005

Once split views arrive, fullscreen mode will come into it's own - I 
know from experience ;)

## aside:

At that time, maybe it could be a preference option to set Zoom = 
splits enabled, unZoom = active pane only. The idea is that fullscreen, 
you have your nicely partitioned workspace; small, you have something 
workable with other applications.

That's Just an Idea, and one I'm not yet attached to.

The point is that for splits and Zoom to play nice some thought should 
to go into what happens to splits when Zoom is toggled.  Are the splits 
proportional to the window dimensions? A fixed number of chars from the 
edge? If so, what if they go offscreen? Maybe Allan's already thought 
this through completely, who knows ...

## back on track

I don't really see the appeal (for me) of the scale-on-Zoom you're 
describing. I like my font a hard-aliased scrawl no bigger than is 
necessary for the characters to be distinct - regardless of window 
size. My opinion only.

Haven't formed a strong opinion on the 'kind of central positioning of 
the text' idea, except that having the drawer open before Zoom means 
the text LHS is not banged up against the edge of the screen - and that 
if Allan implemented the idea outlined above you could hack it up 
yourself with blank vertical panes ;)

enough blah


PS - Having recently set F11 to Zoom for every application, I'm finding 
it really useful where it's supported. Try it !

On 06/04/2005, at 9:28 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> David Lee wrote:
>> nevermind. I've bound 'Zoom' to F11 and I'm pleased as punch.
>> feature request retracted
> A comment on this. (I think I mentioned this previously, but it may 
> have been off-list.)
> Using up *all* available screen space is not precisely the attraction 
> of full screen mode (at least not for me), rather, it is the fact that 
> it could enable you to increase your font size *and* get maximum 
> available vertical space (no menu bar, no dock, no window bounds) 
> *and* retain your soft-wrapping width, *but not* have all of this on 
> the extreme left edge of the screen. IOW, it could employ a kind of 
> central positioning of the text where, if you e.g. had line wrapping 
> at 80 chars, the left edge of your text would start (roughly speaking) 
> 40 Chars to the left of the centre.
> mark.
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