fullscreen (wasRE: [TxMt] Replace the drawer)

Mark Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Wed Apr 6 11:28:05 UTC 2005

David Lee wrote:

>nevermind. I've bound 'Zoom' to F11 and I'm pleased as punch.
>feature request retracted

A comment on this. (I think I mentioned this previously, but it may have been off-list.)

Using up *all* available screen space is not precisely the attraction of full screen mode (at least not for me), rather, it is the fact that it could enable you to increase your font size *and* get maximum available vertical space (no menu bar, no dock, no window bounds) *and* retain your soft-wrapping width, *but not* have all of this on the extreme left edge of the screen. IOW, it could employ a kind of central positioning of the text where, if you e.g. had line wrapping at 80 chars, the left edge of your text would start (roughly speaking) 40 Chars to the left of the centre.


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