[TxMt] Re: smart typing pairs

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Oct 31 21:07:48 UTC 2004

On 30. Oct 2004, at 15:37, José Campos wrote:

>> Added a default set of smart typing pairs, these are: ({[""""]}).
>     Would you please add "«  »"? i.e. something like
>         "« (caret here) »"

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I'm almost certain that we use them in 
reverse here in Denmark, e.g. someone said: »something...«.

If you need them badly, the default set of pairs is read from the 
preferences under the OakTextViewDefaultSmartTypingPairs key. But I'm 
having a preferences window planned for beta 4 or beta 5.

Kind regards Allan

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