[TextMate] Heuristic for smart typing pairs

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Wed Oct 20 16:20:59 UTC 2004

Justin French wrote:
> On 21/10/2004, at 12:41 AM, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:
>> You got my vote. I'm all for the only surrounded by whitespace option.
> "only surrounded by white space" doesn't work -- consider something like 
> $foo[' which smart typing should match with '] automatically, yet 
> neither the [ or ' are surrounded by white space.
> "only FOLLOWED by white space" is a bit better, but still doesn't work
> "only surrounded by white space or other smart typing pairs" is a lot 
> better
> ... but I think in practice, it will take a lot of thinking before a 
> real solution is found... no quick patch here :)

I don't know how this fits with other people's coding styles, but mostly 
I want smart typing when writing new stuff, and not so much going back 
editing old.

For example, if I want to go back and add an extra pair of submatch 
brackets into a regexp, I don't want smart typing coz it gets in the way.

So how about adding in the metric of end-of-line vs middle-of-line?

Unformed idea. blah.


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