[TextMate] Why there is no preferences window (was: Preferences window)

Andrew Green andrew at article7.co.uk
Thu Oct 7 13:42:33 UTC 2004

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 07:02:54 -0600, Gavin Kistner wrote:

> And I personally like to see per-language settings.

I don't think out positions are all that different -- it may well be 
sensible for the preferences to be organised in this way.

I'm simply arguing that if I generally prefer 3-space tabs, but open a 
document and use the menus to set 8-space tabs, I don't want the 
program to assume that I've changed my preference for all documents 
thereafter.  Whether my preference is expressed truly globally, or on 
the basis of per-language definitions is really another issue.

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