[TextMate] Preferences window (was ProFont)

Andrew Ellis aellis at gmx.net
Wed Oct 6 21:54:59 UTC 2004

That's better, thanks

On Oct 6, 2004, at 11:45 PM, Sune Foldager wrote:

> On 6/10-2004, at 23:38, Ollivier Robert wrote:
>> Thanks for TM by the way, although I see some things missing 
>> (preferences
>> menu for example), TM seems a blessing after struggling to find a 
>> decent
>> editor (although jEdit comes close, it is Java).
> That's good :-). Actually, the preferences menu is missing on purpose. 
> At least for now the goal was to make it as easy and straight forward 
> while also very powerful, as possible. Everything can be toggled 
> directly in the menus, and states are saved on exit :-).
> -- 
> Sune.
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