[TxMt] Re: GUI, Bundles & Snippets Structure Revisited [LONG-ish]

Craig Sawyer csawyer at yumaed.org
Mon Nov 22 15:28:12 UTC 2004

Maybe a 'View' option, that opens in Preview, and a 'Edit' option that 
opens based on creator code. (as right click/context menu items)

Then just a pref, that says 'open' = View or Edit?

So even if you have the default 'open'(double click) = View(which would 
be a good default), you can right click, and say edit if you need to.

Hope this helps,

On Nov 20, 2004, at 5:00 AM, textmate-request at lists.macromates.com 

> 1b) Project Drawer & Image files
> Working mainly with web development and graphics/images, I think it
> would be great if you could see the image displayed in the main editor
> window, or alternatively opened by Preview rather than any other app
> regardless of the Creator Code of the image file when you double-click
> the filename. This should ideally be a preference option, where you can
> turn it on or off.
> The file formats in question are: .jpg, .png. .gif. .pdf

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