[TxMt] Back and forward for switching files?

Wayne Larsen wayne at larsen.st
Fri Nov 5 21:34:31 UTC 2004

On 5-Nov-04, at 3:06 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> My thought is that the program could maintain a history list of 
>> viewed files, and then a key binding could be assigned to navigate 
>> back and forward over that history list.  Could this be added?  (Or 
>> does this capability exist somehow?)
> You can drag-sort the tabs, that way you can line them up as you'd 
> want to step through them.  So when you have the two tabs far apart, 
> just drag one of them next to the other, and you can use 
> command-left/right to move between them.

If they are pushed off the tab bar, can you still drag sort them some 

I have my editor window set to 80 characters wide.  Right now, I have 
29 files open.  Of those 29, four show up as tabs.  That makes using 
tabs not exactly the most efficient means of accessing the files -- the 
overflow tabs are more work to access than using the project drawer, so 
basically I use the project drawer all the time.  The only way to get 
them in the right order (so I can use the next/previous tab commands) 
is to close a file, open the file you want it to be beside, and then 
open it.  This needs to be done ahead of time -- ie, a conscious "I 
want to work on these files together" thought.  Accessing the files in 
a history list simply falls out of your way of working.

> I'm not completely rejecting the history idea, but for now I think 
> drag-sorting is more transparent (i.e. it has the ordering visible, 
> and it allows the user to manipulate it easily).

If you can drag sort the files that are not visible in the tab bar, 
that would help.  However, I would not suggest replacing the current 
method -- this history list could simply be in addition to how it works 
right now.


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