[TxMt] 'undoing' for days [gripe]

James Andrews jamesandrews at mac.com
Fri Nov 5 05:07:22 UTC 2004

We already have Cmd-z to step back through the undo stack and 
Cmd-Shift-z to move forward through it so I don't understand the 
difference. For me the issue is a matter of preference regarding block 
vs. character based granularity i.e. the points in the stack you move 
back or forwards to.

Personally I generally prefer the block-based version for speed and 
because every other text editing app for the OS X GUI works this way 
(so I guess I'm used to it). I can understand the benefits in certain 
circumstances for character based undo, but find it's too granular for 
me most of the time. I would like to see undo work the same as the 
other apps (i.e. block based) for speed and intuitiveness (i.e. 
expected behaviour) but switch to a more fine grained approach with an 
additional modifier (Alt or Ctrl). There is little danger of losing 
stuff with the block approach as you can always move forward through 
the re-do stack if you've gone too far (and then switch to a fine 
grained approach to move back slowly if necessary).

I can understand some others might want to have the default being 
character based (though expect the majority to prefer the block 
approach) so perhaps we can have a mode-toggle or a preference to keep 
us all happy.

On 4 Nov 2004, at 19:38, R. Strachan wrote:

> On 11/4/04 19:04, "Sune Foldager" <cryo at diku.dk> wrote:
>> On 5. nov 2004, at 3:06, R. Strachan wrote:
>>> In a graphics application (Photoshop Elements), there's Undo, Step
>>> Forward,
>>> and Step Backwards.
>>> In my limited use of PE, I've found Undo is like a character by
>>> character
>>> undo. Step Backwards is chunk based undo.
>>> Step Backwards undoes a group of pen strokes, or actions. Like a 
>>> group
>>> of
>>> brush strokes.
>>> Undo reverts one of the brush strokes.
>>> I hope y'all can understand what I'm trying to explain.
>>> Could something similar be done in TM?
>> Sounds complicated... I like better that both discrete (like it is 
>> now)
>> and block undo/redo will be available for instance on cmd-z and
>> cmd-opt-z for undo. Then, which one binds to what should be a
>> preferences setting. I would like cmd-z to be discrete undo; I imagine
>> most others would like it the other way around.
> My descriptions always sound more complicated than actual use :-)
> How you imagine what others would like is how PE has it.
> Step Forward is cmd-y
> Step Backward is cmd-z
> Undo is cmd-option-z
> If the option to swap the key combos were available, it might make 
> things
> easier for many people but I also think that too many customizations 
> can get
> in the way of functionality.
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