[TxMt] 'select line' not seeing wrap

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Nov 4 21:56:34 UTC 2004

On 4. Nov 2004, at 20:56, M Spreij wrote:

> Cmd-Shift-L for select line only selects the physical line, not the 
> logical; if the line was wrapped it will not select the second part.

The standard NSTextView behaves the same.

> Is this easily fixable?

Select paragraph (option-p) will select the entire non-wrapped line.

Unfortunately when you disable soft wrap, select paragraph will change 
to selecting what constitutes a hard wrapped paragraph (i.e. text lines 
surrounded by blank lines).

This is intentional, but it makes the action unreliable in macros.

NSTextView doesn't really support non-soft wrapped text, so a paragraph 
there is always the non-wrapped line -- I could do the same, but then 
there would be no way to select hard wrapped paragraphs, and select 
line/paragraph would do the same when soft wrap was disabled (as is the 
case in e.g. Xcode, which achieves non-soft wrap for the NSTextView).


Kind regards Allan

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