[TxMt] Tabs without a project? (and beyond)

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Wed Nov 3 13:33:50 UTC 2004

Sam Andrews wrote:
> To be honest, i find tabs a real pain to use in editors, i often need to
> have a whole slew of files open (often with idiotically long names thanks
> to some of the stuff i get given), and as a result i can only fit a
> handful on my powerbooks screen.

Well that's a matter of taste :) I too often need to open a slew of 
files, and am happy with two piled up levels of tabs, and sometimes more.

What I do mind however are completely disorganised windows all over the 
place (eg SubEthaEdit and so many others), or absurdly unusable 
drop-down file switchers (eg XCode). I also often need to edit a bunch 
of files that are not logically related together within a project, so I 
don't want the project overhead (which currently incurs some 
indirection) or the drawer (which uses screen estate for little gain imho).

But that's text editors, if people agreed about them we'd only have one :-)

Robin Berjon

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