[TxMt] Tabs without a project? (and beyond)

Sam Andrews sam at samandrews.com
Wed Nov 3 13:17:24 UTC 2004

To be honest, i find tabs a real pain to use in editors, i often need to
have a whole slew of files open (often with idiotically long names thanks
to some of the stuff i get given), and as a result i can only fit a
handful on my powerbooks screen.

i would much, much prefer to have the project drawer divided, so that the
top third/quarter/whatver showed my open files, and have the rest show
the files in my project.  this sort of behaviour then gets me thinking
along the lines of itunes' smart playlists, and whether you could implement
a "smart groups" sort of functionality; groups that automatically update
themselves based on certain criteria.  so you could have "open files",
"latest files", "css files" and so on and so forth. could be really useful
for extremely large projects.

speaking of large projects - when i re-focus on textmate having been fannying
around with another app, it can take several seconds to become "active".

also - i'd like to second calls for a snippets drawer, and infact drawers
for any user-definable stuff like that where there can be long lists - it's
an infinitely better ui than menu-->pop-out-->select (keyboard shortcuts are
handy, but not always practical).

can't wait for subversion integration.

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 2. Nov 2004, at 16:46, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> one feature I would really love to have would be the ability to have 
>> tabs without needing a project [...]
< snip >

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