[TxMt] tabs

Patrick Kelly patrick at getactive.com
Mon Dec 27 20:05:41 UTC 2004

I'd like to be able to set my "indentation level" to 4 and leave the 
tab stops at 8.  That is, if I hit my tab key the cursor should move as 
if my tabs stops are set at 4 (any any spaces required should be 
added).  If there are any actual tab characters in the file, the file 
should display as if I had selected 8 as my tab size.  (Basically this 
is because I edit files that other people have edited using emacs which 
"intelligently" uses tabs where it can to fill in sequences of 8 

I was playing with the notion of expanding all the tabs to spaces so 
that it will display properly even if I have my tab size set to 4, but 
I'm afraid this will cause lots of extraneous differences when I check 
in my changes to CVS.

Another item is that when I'm working in Tcl I want my indentation 
level to be 4 characters.  When working in PL/SQL I want it at 8.  
(Probably in C or C++ I'd want 2 or 3.)

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