[TxMt] Features for the upcoming command-line tool

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Thu Dec 23 23:02:56 UTC 2004

Some features of the "bbedit" command line tool are discussed in this  
review of BBEdit 8.0:


For my taste, the notable bits are:

(1) The '--clean' option for suppressing the 'Do you want to save  
changes?' dialog.
(2) The tool is installed from a button in the preferences.

Just some food for thought/discussion for the eventual TextMate  
command-line tool.

> An Even Cooler Command Line
> I do quite a bit of work from the Terminal (well, iTerm, really)  
> command line, and the new BBEdit Unix tool is useful in all the ways I  
> wish the previous versions were. Before, I had to give BBEdit the -c  
> switch to create a new document. Now, it figures that out on it's own.  
> If I have the preferences set to open new documents in the front  
> window, when the BBEdit tool opens multiple documents, they open in  
> the same window.
> The latest update makes it even better. I can now pipe output from a  
> command line process into BBEdit without creating an unsaved document.  
> That way, I don't have to go through the annoying "Do you want to save  
> changes" dialog. Once I've seen it and want to get rid of it, I just  
> close the document.
> % netstat -rn | bbedit --clean
> I wish I had this feature for the "Unix Script Output" window I get  
> when I choose "Run" from the "#!" menu (which I've set to  
> Shift-Apple-R with the "Set Menu Keys..." item from the BBEdit menu.
> It gets even better, though. If I want to look at piped output, I want  
> to read it from the top. Previously, BBEdit placed the curser at the  
> end of the output, but I can now start off at the top of the output.
> % netstat -rn | bbedit --clean -view-top
> To get this updated version of the command line tool, you have to go  
> to the Preferences. In the Tools pane, click on the button that says  
> "Install Command Line Tools," which installs the latest versions of  
> BBEdit and bbdiff.

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