[TxMt] editing textareas?

Patrick Kelly patrick at getactive.com
Tue Dec 14 19:54:28 UTC 2004

Here's an item that bugs me a lot, and there is probably not any 
solution, but just maybe...

Often I'm editing text in a textarea on a web page, and I'd like to 
edit it in my Favorite Real Editor.  Of course I can select all, copy, 
go to editor, open new, paste, edit, select all, copy, find browser 
window, select all in the textarea, paste.

Is there a way to make this easier?  Like hit a key and the editor 
opens a window with the text.  When I close (and save) the results are 
returned to my browser window, and so am I.

I suppose there might be some hack where I could select text, hit a 
keystroke (or something) and have the select text appear in the editor, 
then if the default were to select all+copy when closing the window, 

Anyway, some better solution to this problem would be really great.

A specialized hack might be to have the txmt: protocol thing integrated 
so that the editor could fetch text via HTTP and know where to POST the 
text upon completion of the edit.  This may be a complete waste of 
development effort since webdav is the right and proper solution here.  
(By the way, I haven't used webdav to any extent really.)

This whole thought-stream was launched when I started looking at wikis 
again.  I love the ease-of-use of wikis, EXCEPT for editing in HTML 
textarea blocks.

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