[TxMt] Three requests

profprof at mac.com profprof at mac.com
Wed Dec 8 15:10:02 UTC 2004

On Wednesday, December 08, 2004, at 09:59AM, M Spreij <nemo at mechintosh.com> wrote:

>profprof at mac.com wrote:
>> (3) Intelligent-tab in programming-language modes
> > This is also a feature that I love from emacs and that I miss here.
> > While in a programming mode,  hitting TAB anywhere on the line shifts
> > the whole line by a tab (SHIFT-TAB does the same in reverse). This
> > makes it very easy when programming to add loops, etc.
>This is mapped to Cmd-] and Cmd-[ atm, you might be able to change it 
>using the keybindings.dict list.

Great. I had not realised that it was already implemented. Thanks for the information. 

Down to two requests....


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