[TxMt] i-search keybindings

Wayne Larsen wayne at larsen.st
Wed Dec 1 15:32:11 UTC 2004

On 1-Dec-04, at 8:53 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> Maybe this is why reverse search doesn't work for you Wayne?

That did it, thanks!

> Regarding aborting the search with movement keys, that would pretty 
> much make it impossible to go back and make edits in the search string 
> (other than backspace), but maybe no-one does that?
Line up/down would not cause any limitations.  You're right though that 
character forward/back would prevent the edits to the search string.  
It is a tradeoff -- I see the value of canceling the search with those 
keys being better than the ability to edit the search string with them. 
  My argument pretty much comes down to "That's how emacs does it"  
though. :)


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