[TxMt Plugins] Restarting TM after install & auto update of plug-ins

Gerd Knops gerti at bitart.com
Sat Nov 5 05:41:07 UTC 2005

On Nov 4, 2005, at 23:14, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> I was thinking of introducing a key in the plug-ins Info.plist  
> which would tell TM that the plug-in requires TM to be restarted  
> after install.
> Probably I should always (prompt the user for) restart on update,  
> seeing how the old version of the plug-in can't be unloaded.
While it *IS* possible to unload classes, a lot of things need to  
line up for that to work. So my vote would be to always prompt for a  
restart. Also the updated plugin should NOT be loaded at all after  
the update, just leave the old one running. Anything else might cause  
all kinds of unforeseen behavior.

> In addition I could also allow the plug-in to specify an URL that  
> contains (info about) latest version, so TextMate can include plug- 
> ins in version checking. This I'm unlikely to get done before 1.1  
> final, but stuff to think about.

I was thinking about something like that, that would save me the  
work. Not sure how you do it with TM, but my guess is we need an URL  
which returns the current version and where to find it. And obviously  
you will have to decree a standardized packaging format.


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