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> I can't  add an existing file to my project with this release.  The  
>  file is on a unix box that I have mounted as a drive.  Reverted to   
> b9 and added it, then kept rolling with b11.

Well, I'm not  aware of any changes made to what I assume would be  
invovled in what  it sounds like you did.

Maybe you could be a little more specific? like  perhaps give an  
exmaple I could reproduce?

I've  got a series of CGI scripts on a webserver (SunOS) that is on my 
network.   I have the drive mounted using samba on tiger.
I've added a few files from the CGI directory on the webserver.  I  installed 
the new beta release, and went to add a new file that I had recently  
created.  It was in the file finder window, and I could select it.  It  just didn't 
add it to the project.
I opened beta9 and was able to add the file.  Then went back to b11  and kept 
on working.

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