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Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Fri May 27 15:24:55 UTC 2005


To get what we both want, we need to wait a little bit longer...   
What I think we want is to be able to recursively match any of the  
latex syntax rules inside one of the others.  Allan told me, on irc,  
that is coming soon.

The \g<1>  refers to the first capture, So I think that in most cases  
where its used in the Latex syntax file it does not do what we want.   
In your example it would only match another \command.

In a section command it would recognize  \section{ foo bar \section 
{baz} }  But I don't see that happening very often.  I don't even  
think  its legal.


On May 27, 2005, at 10:11 AM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> On May 27, 2005, at 3:22 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> From the release notes :)
>>    The language parser now uses the Oniguruma regular expression  
>> library by K.Kosako. This
>>    means slight changes to the supported syntax (be sure to svn  
>> update), the Oniguruma
>>    “grammar” can be seen here: http://www.geocities.jp/kosako3/ 
>> oniguruma/doc/RE.txt.
> Yeah, I looked at that file, but it is a bit lacking in  
> explanations and examples :-)
> For instance, for \g, all it says is:
>>> 9. Subexp call ("Tanaka Akira special")
>>>   \g<name>    call by group name
>>>   \g<n>       call by group number (n >= 1)
>>>   * left-most recursive call is not allowed.
>>>      ex. (?<name>a|\g<name>b)   => error
>>>          (?<name>a|b\g<name>c)  => OK
>>>   * Call by group number is forbidden if named group is defined  
>>> in the pattern
>>>     and ONIG_OPTION_CAPTURE_GROUP is not setted.
>>>   * If the option status of called group is different from  
>>> calling position
>>>     then the group's option is effective.
>>>     ex. (?-i:\g<name>)(?i:(?<name>a)){0}  match to "A"
> Based on that, I can't quite figure out why this "([^{}]+|[^{}]*\\{\ 
> \g<1>*\\}[^{}]*)" works. How do I know there should be a 1 there? I  
> guess My trouble is mostly I don't fully understand the structure  
> of the syntax plist files, I was hoping there would be a document  
> explaining that. Probably not a very high priority though.
>> I have committed a change though.
> Is it supposed to handle
> \footnote{Notice that we replaced $E$ in front with $E(*D)$. This  
> is intentional.}   ?
> The math mode seems to not be recognized.
> Haris
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