[SVN] Numbers in LaTeX snippet filenames

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at math.uchicago.edu
Sat May 21 02:54:52 UTC 2005

On May 20, 2005, at 9:33 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On the Danish keymap that'd be: option-shift-7, not very easy to hit 
> ;) but yeah, it doesn't make much sense.

Ouch. Not sure I'd be able to live with that combo for \. That could 
almost make it worth the snippet :-)
>> Another possibility, given that \item is a pretty useful snippet, is 
>> to have "i" be the tab trigger for \item. ("it" is taken by \textit, 
>> and that has the same convention as the whole text* family.)
> I've removed the tab trigger and set it to fire on enter, but only 
> when on a line already having an \item prefix. This probably needs to 
> be expanded upon, I just wanted to get the ball rolling ;)

Sweet! I was about to vigorously complain about how it doesn't work for 
me, and then I realized that you said 'enter', not 'return'. :-) It's a 
nice solution, and it works great. Why the restriction on the line 
already having an \item prefix?  (Actually, by prefix you mean just 
containing the word '\item' :-)) Can't you just have it catch the 
environments "enumerate", "itemize" and "description", and have 'enter' 
always have that behavior within that scope? Or is that what you meant 
by 'needs to be expanded upon'? (hint, hint: "Haris, look at how I did 
it and try to make it work that way" ) :-)

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