[SVN] New HTML support stuff

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Fri May 20 22:59:49 UTC 2005


I comitted some stuff to the support directory:

The stylesheet borrows design from the Objective-C bundle (but only a  
few things done in it; nothing specific yet).
The script is identical, functionality-wise, to the one in same  
bundle, used to show/hide stuff.
The html.sh file (to be sourced) contains a number of bash functions  
to generate HTML. It is designed to work with the stylesheet/script
above, for instance the htmlHeader function generates up to and  
including the <body> tag, including both the stylesheet and the script.
It also contains functions to generate those nifty boxes with brief  
stuff, and optional details that can be shown/hidden. Quite easy.

Example in bash:

sideBar 'Success!!!'
echo <a lot of details that shouldn't be shown normally...>
toggleBoxE    # to end the sidebar.

This will create a box with show/hide button, showing 'Success!!!'  
and optional toggle for the rest.

Note that the stylesheet is work-in-progress, and not necessarily by  
me; I am not that much a designer ;-).  But please coordinate changes  
with me while it's being developed, since it's quite connected with  
the functions in html.sh. The same applies to the javascript and to  
html.sh itself. So for now, of course, don't take too seriously the  
comment in the stylesheet about "please use this for all new  
commands".  I think it's safe to do so, but a few things might change  
(although mainly layout I should think).

Anyways.. check it out!  Documentation for the shell commands can be  
found inside the file, html.sh.  See LaTeX bundle for an example  
where it's sourced.

-- Sune.

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