[SVN] Revision 966 (Python, Source)

Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Thu May 19 03:03:43 UTC 2005

Create a new Source bundle.  There are two commands Source to HTML and View Source as HTML.  Both of these commands use the source-highlight program now contained in the TextMate Support directory.  Remove the old highlight commands from the Python Bundle, which assumed you had source-highlight installed somewhere on your system.

I've tested the command for Perl, Ruby, Python, php (not so good), C++, C, Java  Other languages are supported like Javascript, caml, sml, lua and prolog but I don't have a lot of those lying around.  Note that since I use the $TM_MODE variable the command must do a little translation from mode to the expected language, there is a case statement you can update in the command if your example fails.

D   trunk/Bundles/Python.tmbundle/Commands/pytohtml new buffer.plist
D   trunk/Bundles/Python.tmbundle/Commands/view pytohtml.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/Python.tmbundle/info.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/Commands/
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/Commands/Source to HTML.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/Commands/View Source as HTML.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/info.plist
A   trunk/Support/source-highlight

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