[SVN] LaTeX bundle issues...

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Sat May 14 11:52:59 UTC 2005


The LaTeX bundle has several problems, at least with the PDFLaTeX  
command, bound to F3. First, it doesn't halt when there are errors. A  
more robust error catching method (by analysing the output) should be  
put in place. Second, and worst for me right now: It doesn't compile  
in-place, which means you never get references, tables of contents  
etc. etc. resolved.

I would change this, but I seem to remember there was a reason for  
not doing it, so if anyone remember why?

It's unfortunately also very slow. My 333MHz P2 with Window,  
texteditor and Yap (dvi viewer), is more than twice as fast.. I think  
this in part has to do with using pdflatex over plain latex, to dvi.  
I'll experiment a bit with this... Anyone know a good, fast,  
previewer for Mac? A needed feature is that it recheck the file on  
disk when it's reactivated, so you don't have to constantly close and  
reopen the viewer, or press buttons to refresh.

Finally, is it just me or is the ShubertIt PDF plugins much better  
than Tiger's native webkit pdfview? :-p.


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