[SVN] HTML highlighting in PHP strings

Max Williams max at machinate.org
Mon May 2 15:03:12 UTC 2005

Hi Mats,
On 2 May 2005, at 12:02, Mats Persson wrote:
> Hmm, Max, interesting point, but can I ask you for a clarification ? 
> Which one are you talking about:
> 1.     basic simple html tags within php strings:
>         <?php  echo "<p>paragraph tags within a php string</p>";  ?>
> 2.    more complex html within php strings (along these simplified 
> lines):
>         <?php
>             $html = "<div id=\"$idName\">";
>             $html .= "<h1>$HeaderTxt</h1>";
>             $html .= "</div>";
>             echo $html;
>         ?>

I was originally thinking of number 1, but realized the limitations 
that would exist in your second example. Maybe there could be a special 
html syntax file to be included that can handle things like variables 
and escaped quotes?

> Yes to this one, within limitations, although it is NOT good practice 
> to embed the styles within the html style attribute. (I know, there 
> occasions when it works better or is needed)

I know that having styles defined inline is a inelegant approach to web 
design, but it is necessary sometimes as you acknowledge. In those 
unfortunate occasions the feature would be nice.

I was really just enjoying the flexibility of the syntax files and the 
sophistication that TM offers in this respect which is lacking in some 
of the competitors.

I think it is good to have discussion about this type of thing, and 
look forward to a great web development environment.

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