[SVN] Naming convention

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Apr 22 18:53:23 UTC 2005

On Apr 22, 2005, at 20:19, Torsten Becker wrote:

>> 1.       The main themes being: Bright, Dark & Grey.  I think we 
>> should
>> consider themes along these lines:
>> Bright vs Dark
>> Low vs Hi Contrast.
>> Sharp vs Subtle
>> Sunny vs Cloudy ( as in ambient room light )
> I am not sure if there should be that much I think the SEE way is
> pretty good concerning this: they give you just a Black on White Theme
> and a White on Black Theme, I think this is pretty good because it
> shoud meat the needs of the average person.  And the others will do
> their themes either.

Yeah -- too many themes will just be a lot of stuff to maintain without 
a proven need for these things. I probably will keep the grey theme 
(but rename it, maybe to high-contrast). But black/white bg themes will 
most likely fit 98% of users :)

>> strings
>> |-> strings.single-quoted
>> |-> strings.double-quoted
>> |-> strings.regexp
> Maybe there should be also strings.backticked because this concept it
> implemented also in pretty much languages.

Doing “for file in *.tmbundle/Syntaxes/*.plist; do pl <$file|grep 
string.back; done” reveals surprisingly few: perl, ruby & unix shell. 
The latter being: string.back-quoted though (my bad).

But yes, we should add backticked.

Actually, I saw the shell referring to “double-quoted” as “partially 
quoted” and “single-quoted” as “fully quoted”. I don't know if these 
concepts make more sense than single/double-quoted? E.g. in obj-c we 
have @"strings", in bash we have $'string', and in C we have 'char'. 
The last is a character constant, the middle one is a partially quoted, 
and the first one is also partially quoted.

Question is if people want to style based on semantic or syntax.

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