[TxMt] Re: File with syntax error opens in different project

Walter Lee Davis waltd at wdstudio.com
Mon Jan 17 23:48:10 UTC 2011

On Jan 17, 2011, at 4:50 PM, Ed Wong wrote:

> When I check a file for syntax using Ctrl-Shift-V in language bundle  
> HTML with embedded PHP, if an error is found oftentimes the checked  
> file will open in one of the underlying projects (where the file  
> wasn't opened before), the project is brought into focus and the  
> syntax error is displayed in that project.
> Since I need to keep track of which files belong to which issue, I  
> would then have to close the file that was just opened in the wrong  
> project.
> Any solutions?

No, but I have had the same issue here. It seems as though the error  
checker doesn't scope to the currently-active window.


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