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Isaac Alves isaacalves at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 22:59:24 UTC 2010


I started to use TextMate with an Actionscript 3 Bundle at the office where
i work and since then I'm much more productive and organized with my code,
which is very important.

So I installed also at home, however i cannot get it to work correctly here.
When I open the Bundle Editor, I see the Actionscript 3 Bundle and all the
commands, it seems to be the same at work. But they don't work here at home
(except for some, like shift+return which is a 'function' snippet).

For example there's a 'get' command and it is associated with the 'tab'
trigger. It just doesn't work, however, it worked when I left the field
"Scope Selector" blank in the Bundle Editor settings for the command 'get'.
So I must be missing something there...

Another thing, I use the 'clouds' theme at home and it also doesn't look the
same as it looks at the office.
One thing I miss is that I'm used to use class variables with an "_" before,
and those variables get a different color, which helps a lot. For example: I
have a class with a private var "_xOffset", and the constructor of that
class receives the argument "xOffset", then "_xOffset" (in blue) receives
the value of "xOffset" (in black).
Here at home I can't manage to make the variable with an underline in front
to get the color blue. Even though I installed TextMate, the as3 bundle file
and the clouds theme from the same sources, at home and at the office. What
could I be missing ?

Thanks in advance !

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