[TxMt] updating PHP in TM

James Gray james512gray at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 13:21:10 UTC 2009

I did post this last week and some how it did not go through ?, iv heard
gmail can be ? at times.
I will "try" upgrading to PHP 5 in TM.
Question: is there any thing else that i need to know besides the
instructions at TM/Bundles/PHP/Help/4.0 Set Up
my plan of action is to upgrade to OS 10.5 when the DVD gets here this
and the various upgrades through the Apple server.
install PHP 5 on the machine via  entropy.
follow the instructions as given, TM/Bundles/PHP/Help/4.0 Set Up
see what kind of mess entropy and MAMP can make, yes i will have the servers
shut off.
and go from there.
If any one could bring me to notice anything i do not see please let me
Thank you
i found universal install DVD of 10.5 at hardcoremac that is affiliated with
yahoo business.
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