[TxMt] TerminalMate problems

Ben Willmore bdeb at willmore.eu
Wed Oct 14 21:04:13 UTC 2009

I downloaded the TerminalMate plugin kindly provided at the link below
(1). It has two problems for me (on Snow Leopard):

1) Corruption -- when typing, the last-but one line and last line in
the terminal window swap places and overwrite each other. This and
other visual glitches make it very hard to know what I'm typing

2) Slowness -- the display doesn't keep pace when one key is held
down, or even tapped rapidly

Does anyone have a version that doesn't have these glitches on Snow Leopard?



(1) <http://itsthe.damncarousel.com/2009/09/02/where-in-the-world-is-the-terminalmate-tmplugin/>

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