[TxMt] Re: PHP Commenting Seems Somewhat Broken

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Fri Jan 30 11:39:33 UTC 2009

On 28 Jan 2009, at 21:32, William Makley wrote:

> I am currently using all the absolute bleeding edge releases of all  
> the TextMate bundles (courtesy of the example "mateup" script in the  
> wiki), and the other day I hit Command + / to comment a selection in  
> PHP, and got HTML comments instead (that <!-- --> business). I  
> haven't edited the relevant bundles at all. Has anyone else noticed  
> this bug?

Yes, we (Michael) is working on addressing this problem. Recently  
scopes were introduced for if/while blocks in PHP which gives some  
advantages, but it breaks leaving PHP mode inside such blocks, for  
which we are testing a solution, but that breaks the scope  
intersection computation calculations TM does for selections when the  
begin/end of selection touch different units, which is why comments  
fallback to the root (HTML) scope rather thna PHP.

It should be solved before next TM build goes out.

> [...]
> In addition, the problems are not necessarily isolated to the  
> handling of PHP within HTML. If I switch to the "PHP" bundle instead  
> of HTML, the commenting works (using slashes for each line - I would  
> kind of prefer /* */ to be honest because occasionally it is useful  
> to place comments between expressions on the same line)

You can alter the comment preferences, see Bundles → Bundle Editor  
and find the Comments item in the PHP bundle.

> but destroys the indentation of my function:
> [...]

For this, please give a step-by-step of what you do, what you expect,  
and quote the text literally, and be careful that you are not mixing  
spaces and tabs.

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