[TxMt] Re: New "GetBundles" release needs your help

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Tue Nov 25 07:40:08 UTC 2008


FYI I'm just working on a new 'Bundle Manager' which allows to do more.

On 25.11.2008, at 02:21, Stephen Bannasch wrote:
> It would be nice when selecting a bundle to also display the dir path
> where it lives somewhere.
This is already implemented in Bundle Manager.

> I think I have duplicate bundles in several locations and it would be
> good to delete the ones I don't need.
> For example I seem to have four "Ruby Haml" bundles that look like  
> this:
>    O  U.. Ruby Haml   08-07-15
>    G  U.. Ruby Haml   08-05-29 ...
>    G  U.. Ruby Haml   08-08-26 ...
>    G  U.. Ruby Haml   08-11-22 ...
> The three files have dates of:
>    08-05-29 ...
>    08-08-26 ...
>    08-11-22 ...
> ....

I'm just trying to solve the issue if a bundle (mostly in different  
versions) is hosted on more than one repository in the Bundle Manager  
as well. As default the user will see only those bundles which are  
not hosted on different repositories for e.g. to be able to update  
all bundles with a single click.

All those bundles hosted on different repositories will be shown in a  
different GUI element. Then the user has to decide which of them s/he  
wants to use. In 99% of all cases bundles hosted on different  
repositories (and not at the Official svn repository) are under  
review or have a kind of an 'experimental status' - maybe called  

In other words the Bundle Manager will distinguish this issue clearly  
in order to avoid confusion hopefully.


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