[TxMt] Folding PHP docblocks

Richard Dyce subscriptions at dyce.com
Fri Nov 21 10:58:21 UTC 2008


** apoloigies if you're reading this again, posted it as a reply to  
other topic, rather than new message.... idiot. :-(**

Having a small problem changing the HTML wrapping setup to accommodate  
php docblocks.

I use alt-cmd-[ to reformat my code, and it (unsurprisingly) resets  
docblock comments to

  * A comment

However, I like my coments to fold!

I've tried changing the HTML language to cope with this, but I can't  
quite get it to work. I can get

* A comment

to fold with :

	foldingStartMarker = '(?x)
		|^<!--\ \#tminclude\ (?>.*?-->)$
		|^\s*/\*\*\s*$ # added for folding docblocks
	foldingStopMarker = '(?x)
		|^<!--\ end\ tminclude\ -->$
		|^\s*\*\*/\s*$ # added for folding docblocks

But can't seem to get the two spaces before the ** on the last line to  

Is there some trick with the regex I'm missing, or can I change the  
behaviour of alt-cmd-[  ?



Richard Dyce MA (Cantab.) MBCS MIET
Richard Dyce MA (Cantab.) MBCS MIET

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