[TxMt] Leopard Spaces and "Go to line..."

Andrew Wason rectalogic at rectalogic.com
Sat Nov 8 16:53:40 UTC 2008

When I have TextMate 1.5.7 (1464) documents open in multiple Spaces in Leopard
10.5.5, using the "Go to line..." dialog often switches back to a previous space
and applies to the wrong document.

To reproduce, first in Spaces prefs uncheck "When switching to an application,
switch to a space with open windows for the application"

I have 2 Spaces. In Space 1, open a TM document and use Cmd-L to invoke the
dialog and go to a line. Now switch to Space 2, activate TextMate in the dock,
and open a new TM document in Space 2. Invoke Cmd-L on the new document - it
jumps back to Space 1 and displays the "Go to line" dialog there, and the dialog
applies itself to the document that is open in Space 1.

I can't find a workaround to make "Go to line" apply to the document in Space 2.
Any ideas?


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