[TxMt] feature request: mate command line tool should open file as tab in project independent of path

Allan Odgaard throw-away-2 at macromates.com
Sat May 10 14:07:48 UTC 2008

On 10 May 2008, at 04:20, Thorsten Kohnhorst wrote:

> [...] if i [...] call 'mate a_file.txt' from inside the project_dir  
> everything is fine
> (file opens as tab in project window). but if i call mate from  
> another directory
> with an absolute or relative path to ~/project_dir/a_file.txt, it  
> opens in a new
> window which is very unconvenient for me.

Current version of TextMate deals exclusively with paths to identify  
file uniqueness. If part of a path contains a symbolic link, TextMate  
often sees it as a different file, which may make it think the file is  
not part of the project, if for example the path of the new file or  
the path of the project, have different symbolic links.

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