[TxMt] feature request: mate command line tool should open file as tab in project independent of path

Thorsten Kohnhorst monsterkodi at gmx.net
Sat May 10 02:20:47 UTC 2008


don't really know if it's a feature request, bug report or my stupidity:
if i have a project opened in textmate like this:


and i call 'mate a_file.txt' from inside the project_dir everything is  
(file opens as tab in project window). but if i call mate from another  
with an absolute or relative path to ~/project_dir/a_file.txt, it  
opens in a new
window which is very unconvenient for me.

if there should be a reason (can't imagine one) against this proposal,  
i could live
with a command line option to specify the project's directory.

thanks in advance for considering it,
yours kodi

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